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Integrate all your apps into one seamless workspace, accessible from any device, anywhere.


Single Sign-on. Two-Factor Authentication. Completely Encrypted

Access all your apps with just one secure login.
Boost your account's defense with an additional layer of security, including options for physical keys via WebAuthn.
From the moment you sign in to when you log out, your data is fully encrypted, offering an impenetrable layer of protection.
Your privacy isn't just a feature - it's a guarantee.

OSBoard safeguards your data with end-to-end encryption and strict access controls. Whether hosted on your premises or our secure servers, we ensure your information is always protected.

With OSBoard, productivity doesn't stop with internet issues if you have it installed on premise. It allows continuous access to your workspace, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted, even offline.

Integrating your existing applications into OSBoard is seamless. Our platform supports a wide range of popular apps and services, allowing for easy and quick integration without technical hassles.

Absolutely! OSBoard is designed to scale effortlessly with your team. From small startups to large enterprises, our platform adapts to meet the unique needs of any team size.

OSBoard stands out with its emphasis on privacy, ease of integration, and cost-effectiveness. Our unique approach to workspace customization and offline functionality also sets us apart in the market.

Customize your OSBoard

Make it yours. Step into the designer's seat with our intuitive color customization tools.

Select hues that resonate with your company. Once set, your color choices seamlessly propagate across the entire system for a cohesive, uniquely personalized workspace experience.

Customize your OSBoard

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